My setup

My current setup consists of:

  • Bicycle: Specialized Diverge Compe E5 2020 in full black, size 52
  • Rack: Tailfin X Series Pannier Rack, (Full aluminium version called X THREE). Use it daily, love it. Rattle free
  • Panniers:
  • Rear wheel (I intend to replace the front wheel as well): DT Swiss G 1800 SPLINE. I like the air blade spokes. Install it on your bike and forget about it. The hallmark of excellent gear.
  • Mudguards/Fender: Specialized Dry-Tech fender set with product number 98917-5015. My LBS had to tinker a bit, apparently they are a bit fiddly to install. Generally rattle free as long as the bolts remain tightened properly. I ditched the low part on the rear wheel though, since it caused the mudguard to swing and therefore, rattle. By now you might start to assume I don’t like rattling noises. Your assumption is correct.
  • Pedals: I have a kind of love/hate relationship with clipless pedals (I have Shimano PD-M540 pedals) so I sometimes use normal ones that cost like $10 and honestly, work just as well
  • Lock (not pictured because it’s in the AeroPack): Abus Bordo 5900, 90 cm. I don’t like the mount it came with, my frame is too small and I can’t get it out, plus it makes the lock rattle. That’s why I put it in the AeroPack. Problem solved.


  • GPS:
    • Wrist unit (used daily for commute): Garmin Forerunner 45S black, size 39mm. It has incident detection which detected my first crash successfully, but then did not send an alert to my predefined contacts. Apparently adding contact information manually (telephone number and email) is not sufficient, the app needs access to your entire contact list for whatever reason… The second time when I crashed it did not detect my crash at all. After this I tried testing it by throwing it on grass when I was cycling, but that didn’t trigger it either. Other than that it works flawlessly.
    • Fixed unit (used on longer rides, multi-day trips etc): Garmin eTrex 30 (custom maps). I love tinkering with this, as you may have guessed.
  • Front light: Cateye volt 800. Set it and forget it. If you’re on anything other than 800 lumen (for example 200 lumen city mode) and double click the button it switches up to 800 lumen. Switching back requires just one button press. It’s sometimes hard to double-click the button wearing gloves, since the button is recessed within the casing.
  • Rear light: Cateye Rapid Micro G TL-LD620G, I think this is an older version of the Rapid X. It’s good I guess, wish it was brighter.
  • Water bottle: Fidlock Twist bottle 590mL. I had to leave the bottle open (unscrewed) for two whole months before that horrible chemical plasticky smell went away (did you try to poison me Fidlock?) Now it’s the best water bottle I ever had. True story. No faff, love it.

What did not work

One more thing…

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