GMapTool and TYPViewer with PlayOnMac

I only made screenshots of the points where you have to choose anything else other than the standard options, or if the next choice wasn’t obvious. I made screenshots of the GMapTool installation, the installation with TYPViewer is exactly the same.

Installing GMapTool & TYPViewer

After you downloaded and installed PlayOnMac, you will get a screen where you can click on “Install” or “Install a program”

On the next screen, click “Install an unlisted program”

The following steps are crucial, the software does not run properly if not installed on Windows XP

After this, a warning will pop up on your Mac that you are trying to run software that is not from a trusted developer. You can hit “Cancel”, it does not matter. 

Make a shortcut for GMapTool.exe, after that you do not need to make another shortcut

You’re done! After you installed both GMapTool and TYPViewer, you will see the screen below.