Securing the eTrex to your bicycle

There’s a couple of different options to secure the eTrex to your bicycle. Pick your poison

Option 1: quick and easy

The fastest, easiest and arguably cheapest option is to use the mount provided by Garmin themselves (Garmin website/Amazon). You can attach it to your handlebar or the stem. If you’re afraid it will fall off: you can double-secure your Garmin to your bicycle with a lanyard cord (detachable for easy removal)


  • Relatively cheap
  • Plug-and-play
  • No fiddling around with different parts and glue
  • Setup is fast, just slap some zip-ties to it and off you go
  • It’s secure, I never had my eTrex fall out of the holder


  • I found it hard to wiggle the eTrex in + out of the holder since it’s a little tight
  • It’s hard to take the eTrex out of the mount when attached to the stem, you can’t bend the last part of the attachment clip (part with the little hook) down since the stem is in the way
  • The whole setup looks a bit… post-apocalyptic to me (I like that so I don’t mind). 
  • It’s attached with zip-ties, if you don’t tighten them properly the mount will move when you try to take the eTrex out. In addition, taking the whole setup off your bike, or putting it back on, takes a bit more time. 
  • The rubber part that touches your bike is not meant for wider handlebars (31.8mm) but for normal bicycle handlebar width, though I didn’t have a problem when tied down tightly

Option 2: arts and crafts project

OK, I admit. I was a tad bit jealous of the awesome way modern Garmin and Wahoo units attach to your bicycle. It’s fast, secure, just no-faff-click-and-go. I wanted this, and this is how I did it:

  • Decide if you want to attach your eTrex to a Wahoo or Garmin holder. 
  • Buy a sticker (I recommend either of these: Garmin/Wahoo) and attach it to your eTrex. I super-glued it directly to the battery cover (you can buy spare battery covers). You can also glue it to the underside of the Garmin mount discussed above, but you will need to cut off the rubber and flatten out the bottom part (square feet that touch your handlebar). 
  • If you’re afraid it will fall off: you can double-secure your Garmin to your bicycle with a lanyard cord (detachable for easy removal)
  • Buy any Garmin/Wahoo handlebar mount you like, I use the one from Dymoece. This holder lets you attach your bike light underneath the eTrex. Since it is attached as an extension of the stem, it will have you handle-bar space.
  • Enjoy the epic win


  • Easy to secure and take off the eTrex
  • You’re an awesome badass for not taking no for an answer and finding a way to make things work for you. Go you!
  • Lots of holders available so you can find something that fits your setup
  • My personal experience: pure awesomeness. On all of the trips I took it with me, it never fell off, never had a problem.


  • Dependent on the type of glue you used, it might not be a secure attachment. 
  • It will cost you a bit more money and potentially a bit more time and energy to get it the way you want
  • You can potentially ruin a battery cover, but hey. no pain no gain

This is how it looks like

One more thing…

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